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Is it just to work in the UK or can I work in Africa?

We have plans to open up opportunities in Africa but at the moment we are currently recruiting for the UK Healthcare job market only.

I am not sure how to do the application? Are there any steps to guide me?
  • Stage 1: Apply on website.
  • Stage 2: Go through compliance, training, and visa application.
  • Stage 3: Signing of contracts, and travel to the UK.
Can I still do the application even though I am waiting for passport?

Yes you can apply. It is the applicant’s responsibility to independently get the travel documents required for visa application at the final stages of the process.

Can I do the application if I am already in the UK?
Yes you can make your application via our website if you are a student already in the UK.
If I have already done The IELTS training, do I have to pay for it again?
Any valid and current qualifications and certificates that you hold will be considered on their own merit and under the guidance of the UK requirements.
How long does the process take?
There is no defined processing time, each applicant’s process is dependent on the candidate’s individual circumstances and how quickly they respond to information required. Having completed the process, visa responses can take about 3 weeks.
How long does the training take if successful in the application?
Our inhouse training will take 10 days. The length of external trainings will be determined by the organisations delivering them.
How much is the in-house training costs?
A. Its $50
Are the vacancies just for support working?
No. To see our available vacancies please visit our ‘Vacancies’ page from the top menu.
Can more than one family member apply.
Yes. This opportunity is open to any individual who would like to work in the UK Health sector.
What is the score needed for the English (IELTS) test?
The minimum score required is B2.
Can I pay here in the UK for someone in Zimbabwe?
Yes you can. Please be sure to link the payment details to the applicant’s details on our website.
If I am already in the UK, do I still need to go through the Lorac international application process?
If you are applying to be considered for the sponsorship program then yes, you will need to apply on the Lorac International website.
I have paid then what?
You will receive confirmation by email and our Admin Team will contact you for your next stage.
I have certificates from other institutions different from Red Cross, but the training is the same.
The equivalent of the required qualifications will be considered. Please be advised that we will use UK measures to ascertain the weighting of your qualifications.
How do I make a payment since I have no access to PayPal?
PayPal allows you to pay as a ‘Guest’ without creating an account. You will need a Credit or Debit Card to facilitate the payment.
Which category of IELTS do I have to apply for?
You will need the ‘Cambridge International GCSE, English as a Second Language’.
Can I include my kids on the application?
UK law allows for family life, however with regards to when you can apply for your family you would need to seek legal advice.

Approved clinic and medical centres

For Zimbabwe:
Diagnostic Imaging Centre (DIC)
17 Lanark Road, Belgravia,

  • Telephone: +263 4 704284/5/90
  • Mobile: +263 772 125094
  • Email: HREMHU@iom.int

Operating hours:
Open Monday to Friday

9am to 11am: chest X-Ray

11:30am to 2pm: Physical examination Health Point at 15 Lanark Road Belgravia Harare

Closed on National/IOM holidays.

How do I know that I will be accepted on the process and what will happen if I cannot get through?
This is a selection process and there is no guarantee that everyone that applies will get through. The company will remain in touch with those that are unsuccessful for future opportunities.
What is the total budget for the whole process someone paying for me wants to know?

As there are different processes and organizations involved in the application process, we are unable to give a total budget figure. However, the following must be considered:


Stage 1:

  1. US$100 registration fee payable to Lorac Healthcare Limited.

Stage 2:

  1. IELTS – enquire from British High Commission
  2. Medicals – enquire from provider.
  3. Red Cross Training – enquire from provider.
  4. St Johns Training – enquire from provider.
  5. Drug Test – enquire from provider.
  6. Police Clearance – enquire from employer.
  7. Mandatory Training – to be confirmed.
  8. Visa Application – enquire from provider.

Stage 3:

There are no upfront costs at this stage as these are paid for by Lorac Healthcare Limited. Candidates are expected to reimburse these at the commencement of employment, terms and conditions apply.

  1. Flights
  2. Accommodation
  3. Agency arrangement Fee.
I have not worked in the health sector before, can I still apply?
Yes. The opportunity is open to everyone who would like work in the health sector.
If I am not successful, can I get my money back?
No. The non-refundable registration fee is not refundable. Candidates sign a consent form before the application process to consent.
I have applied with another sponsor before, but they decided to just stop the process, can I apply with you?
Yes you can apply with us. You will need to speak to our consultants to better understand your situation so they can advise you accordingly.
At what point can my family join me in the UK after I have started working?
We have partnered with law firms that are able to advise you better on immigration matters, we will furnish you with their details on request.
Will I be able to come back home for holidays during my 5-year stay?
Yes, in accordance with your contract of employment.
What type of visa will I have?
Lorac Healthcare will sponsor you for a 3-to-5-year work permit visa which the UK Home Office will grant depending on individual circumstances.
What minimum qualification do I require to apply?
5 O Levels including Maths and English.

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